Please note that these pages relate to a research project that is now ended. Please follow this link to read more about more of our recent work.

ESDinds Virtual Library
The ESDinds project will amass a wide range resources on values-based indicators for sustainable development. Over the course of the project, we will list useful resources here.

If you have useful resources to add, please contact us and let us know.

ESDinds Documents and Publications
The documents on this page may be freely viewed, downloaded and distributed.

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Project Publications
Summaries from first five field visits made from January to March 2010.
Individual field visit reports:

Echeri Consultores, Mexio (pdf, 163 KB)
Lush Cosmetics, Italy (pdf, 191 KB)
People’s Theater, Germany (pdf, 146 KB)
University of Guanajuato, Mexico (pdf, 134 KB)
Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change, Sierra Leone (pdf, 156 KB)

First Year Project Summary January 2010 (pdf 301 KB)
Brief summary of research and findings from the first year of the ESDinds project

Presentation given by Prof. Marie Harder May 27 2009 (992KB) about the research approach used in the ESDinds project at the European Commission Sustainable Development conference in Brussels.

ESDinds Project Summary February 2010 (pdf 350 KB)
Two page brochure describing the ESDinds project and partners.

Project Deliverables
No. 13: Draft Academic Paper (pdf 227 KB)
No. 12: Minutes from Core Group Meeting 3, May 2010 (pdf 180 KB)
No. 11: Findings from Set 1 Sustainable Development Indicators Research (pdf 956 KB)
No. 10: Development of Traditional Environmental SD Impact (pdf 263 KB)
No. 09 and 08: First Year Project Review, January 2010 (pdf 3,578 KB)
No. 07: Minutes from Core Group Meeting 2, November 2010 (pdf 314 KB)
No. 06: Report on Links between Academic and CSO Sustainable Development Indicators (pdf 295 KB)
No. 05: Summary of Proposed Projects for first field phase (pdf 190 KB)
No. 04: Minutes from Core Group Meeting 1, May 2009 (pdf 270 KB)
No. 03: Website
No. 02: Written training materials (pdf 472 KB)
No. 01: Final plan for the Use and Dissemination of the Foreground (pdf 192 KB)