3rd ERimNN (Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network) Brighton Nutrition Showcase Online- Nutrition and COVID-19

3rd ERimNN (Education and Research in Medical Nutrition Network) Brighton Nutrition Showcase Online- Nutrition and COVID-19 

 Programme 4th November      

5pm  Welcome  

Overview of ERimNN  


Dr Kathy Martyn 
5.10pm  Key Note Introduction – 

What lessons can we learn from COVID19 – food for thought. Overview of what we are learning about food and nutrition in the light of COVID19 


Prof S Ray 

5.30pm Session 1 – Nutrition insecurity. (Kathy to moderate) 


5.35pm  Vitamin D status in care homes  


Dr Carol Williams 


5.50pm  Nutrition Insecurity and what does this mean for clinicians 


Elaine Macaninch RD 
6 pm  Q and A panel  Dr Marjorie Lima do Vale, 

Prof S Ray 

Dr Kathy Martyn 

5-minute break 

6.15 Session 2 COVID treatment/ discharge/ rehab. (James and Shane to introduce the COVID-19 task force & to moderate) 


6.25  Nutrition on the front line during COVID-19  Dr Tim Eden RD 
6.40  Transfer of care from secondary to primary care services. What have we learnt about safe discharge during a crisis?  Nick 

Frailty lead nurse practitioner 

6.55pm  Q and A panel  Shane McCauliffe RD 

James Bradshaw RD 

Dr Abhi Bhansali 

5-minute break 
7.10pm   Keynote 2 

Type 2 diabetes management in Primary care 

Dr David Unwin 
  Q and A   

7.30 Session 3 Nutrition is everyone’s business- Promoting collaboration across professions 

(Abhi and Luke to moderate). 


7.35  The UK Nutrition Implementation Coalition. 

Collaborating to improve nutrition education 


Dr Abhi Bhansali (Culinary Medicine UK) 

Dr Luke Buckner (NNEdPro Global Centre for Nutrition and Health) 

7.45  An Apple A day- Student led nutrition and health education for secondary school kids.  Brighton and Sussex Medical school & University of Brighton students 
7.55  Nutritank- Student led nutrition and health movement.   Brighton and Sussex Medical school branch 
8.05  Q and A with our student nutrition researchers and poster presenters   

8.15 Announcing the poster winners and closing – Dr Kathy Martyn & Elaine Macaninch RD 


Close 8.30pm 


Additional posters/ recorded presentations to be made available on Teams and ERimNN website. 


Elaine Macaninch

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