Welcome BSc Hons Nutrition students

In the last two weeks we have welcomed our new cohort of BSc Hons Nutrition students as they have embarked on their journey.   To support our students we have added a new page called ERimNN Students and we will be encouraging them to post information and share ideas

Our first event is the 3rd Annual Brighton Showcase 4 November 2020 from 5pm – 8_30pm  where there will be an opportunity to hear from Professor Sumantra Ray, the founder of NNEdPro, Dr David Unwin , the lower carbohydrate GP and Dr Tim Eden a doctor and dietitian who has been working on the frontline during COVID19, and Carol Williams and Joe Williams on their  recent paper on vitamin D status in care homes

In addition we will be hearing from some our students who are busy volunteering and researching on all things food

Keep an eye out for booking information

Kathy Martyn

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