Time For Nutrition in Medical Education

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Link here to read our latest paper Time for Nutrition in Medical Education published in the British Medical Journal of Nutrition, Prevention and Health

ERimNN analysed data from medical students and doctors on perceptions of nutrition in MedEd and medical practice.
This includes:
🧐An ERimNN review data from Brighton and Sussex Medical School
🧐Doctor survey data from Dr Dom Crocombe.
🧐 Student & Dr survey data from Nutritank.
🧐 NNEdpro led interviews with doctors and medical student

⚠️Survey data is subject to bias as the most interested are likely to respond BUT there was agreement across all sources on the importance of nutrition for doctors and most felt training was inadequate.

🤔Although interested in nutrition this was not translated into practice with over 70% addressing nutrition less than once a month citing knowledge, time and confidence as the main barriers

🤔There is a need for greater clarity on a doctors role within the multidisciplinary team, including when to refer on for specialist help from Registered dietitians, Nutritionists or community support/ social prescribing

😢 With 1 in 3 of the population worldwide malnourished (This applies to under or over nutrition or/ and with micronutrient deficiencies) but only 2.3 nutrition professionals per 100 000 global population (WHO) we argue all professionals need skills to assess, diagnosis and offer first line support for nutrition problems

🤝This is about multiprofessional actions. Doctors aren’t dietitians but dietitians are not a front line service.

🤝We need far better communication and referral processes along with a greater understanding of the complexity so we can tailor support and onward referral appropriate to medical need/ socioeconomic circumstances/ patient concerns and goals.

This paper is a collaboration between ERimNN, NNEdPro and Nutritank  

Elaine Macaninch

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