Media and Environmental Communication: your course

With the growth of technology and internet use, the media has become central to the ways in which environmental issues are communicated to and understood by the public, on a local and global scale.

Whether through photographs, documentaries, advertising or news articles, we are made aware of the challenges that face our planet like never before. Scientists, environmental organisations, businesses and governments are being challenged to develop new and engaging ways to get their message across.

Unique to the University of Brighton, Media and Environmental Communication BA (Hons) teaches the role of media and communication in shaping our perception of environmental concerns. It enables you to develop insights into global environmental management, citizenship and sustainable development.

The course also equips you to contribute towards and lead in sustainability and communication across the media and creative industries, as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs), charities and the civil service.

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© Patricia Prieto-Blanco

© Patricia Prieto-Blanco

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