National Union of Students – Everything you need to know about the UCU Strikes this February and March

“[…] staff pay has declined by 17% over a decade, compounded by gendered and racialised pay gaps, they do significant amounts of unpaid work due to the size of workloads and casualisation is becoming an increasing problem. This means that many teaching staff in particular are employed on hourly paid contracts or zero hours ones, with very little job security. UCU are asking for a 3% plus a cost of living pay rise – in contrast, Vice Chancellors across the country got an average pay rise of 3.5% last year.”


“We know that the student experience will always be better with satisfied staff who are able to teach and support students to their fullest ability. Currently, precarious conditions and a decline in pay exacerbated by gendered and racialised pay gaps do not allow this to happen, and so we stand together with UCU to make sure it does.”

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Students support UCU strike

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