BA Media and Environmental Communication Students -Welcome!!

We would like to welcome you onto the BA (Hons) Media and Environmental Communication course and invite you to explore the course blog. Some of your peers have written helpful posts about Brighton, your new home!, and why it is the perfect place for green minds to flourish

I have been living in Brighton for over three years now and I continue falling in love with both the city and the friendliness of its people. There are several initiatives based at the uni where you will most probably find link-minded people. We have a Food Co-Op, a Bike Hub, a carbon reduction campaign, an ecological society, an audiovisual society, and a hiking and trekking society. You can join any of them during the freshers fair on Thursday the 26th of September.

The course is taught at the School of Media and at the School of Environment and Technology. You will be sharing modules with students of both schools, and on Wednesdays afternoon, Media and Environmental Communication students meet to read and discuss relevant academic literature and documentary films. This all may sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, we will give you all information,  and a tour of the facilities during Welcome Week. In the meantime, please contact me – aka your Course Leader – Patricia Prieto Blanco (my face is on the picture below), Level 4 Tutor Iestyn George or Course Administrator Sasha Coe, if you have any further queries before your arrival. 



Also, if you want to learn more about what I do, you can check my university profile and/or my twitter.


I hope your arrival is smooth and that you find yourself at home very soon. We are meeting face-to-face very soon and I can’t wait to get to know you and learn your reasons to enrol in this course. 



Featured image: © 2018 James Boardman

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