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Balfour Beatty is a leading international infrastructure group. It finances, develops, builds and maintains innovative and efficient infrastructure that underpins daily life, supports communities and enables economic growth. Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK manage strong construction businesses in the UK from major projects that improve the UK’s national infrastructure to local and regional projects that help build lasting communities.

Matthew Kent, Industrial Advisory Board memberBoard member – Matthew Kent

Matthew Kent graduated with a BA(Hons) Architecture, Birmingham City University, 1995, a PG Dip Architecture, Oxford Brookes University, 2003, and a PG Dip Architectural Law and Practice Management, University of Brighton, 2009.

Over the last 20+ years he has either practiced as an Architect, Project Manager or Assurance Manager for major projects spanning Healthcare, Education, Transportation or Major Infrastructure sectors.

Matthew is currently working with the Environment Agency and Jacobs as part of an Integrated Delivery Team (IST) as part of TEAM2100 (Thames Estuary Asset Management) Project. In his current role he is responsible for managing a team that includes Quality Control, Information Management, 3D Design, Digital Delivery, Project Execution Governance and Assurance.

After joining the IAB in 1998, Matthew initially assisted with the re-start of Gatwick Airport Limiteds’ Graduate programme with the University of Brighton and subsequently became involved with offering advice on the skills that major clients require from graduates leaving university. He also volunteers as an RIBA Mentor to Brighton School of Architecture, but this is not related to the IAB.

Matthew has been a keen promoter of STEM at many levels of education over the last decade, but as a University of Brighton alumni, he has always been a keen supporter of the University in many ways. As a representative of a major Principal Contractor, he is also keen to help guide the IAB with current engineering and construction trends to help shape the skills requirements.


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