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Close of engineering equipment in the STEP lab

Engineering students STEP into sustainable technology projects

Engineering students have created a supportive community to help each other to improve and build the skills they’ll need to be ready for their future engineering career.

Welcome to STEP lab (Sustainable Technology and Engineering Projects). This exciting, collaborative, project-based way of working is open to all of our engineering students.

Led by the students themselves, STEP lab members work on projects that reflect real engineering projects in industry, developing their technical skills alongside the professional skills needed in the work place.

The student community are responsible for the success of every aspect of the STEP lab, including its name, the tools and techniques used in the lab, the Sharepoint site and Teams group.

Student mentors pass on their knowledge to mentees, which helps to increase confidence in the lab and builds transferable skills for their careers. There are also sessions to help students learn how to take ownership of their learning, and become resourceful, work-ready engineers. And a shadowing scheme that helps to illustrate how mathematical theory supports their practical lab experience.

Since its creation in 2020, the STEP lab students have transformed two labs into fully functional control and experimentation facilities, with access to industry standard hardware and software. The Control Room is where students can come and work and run their modelling. And the experimentation room, has a test bed (with two more planned) which is used to demonstrate the use of waste and renewable energy for sustainable energy production.

Stephanie Thomson • March 1, 2022

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