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Engineering student Catherine

Real world modules and study buddy support in engineering

Aeronautical engineering student Catherine, gives us a flavour of life on her course and tells us more about the support she get from her study buddies.

The university tailors modules to what things will be like in the real world. I just finished a module on trying to come up with a system to extract and dispose of plastic waste in the ocean. We’ve looked at how engineers have overcome problems like that, we considered ‘is this benefiting marine life, how is it going to be powered, is that causing more problems’.

I’ve found that I’ve picked up a lot of study buddies. It’s much easier tackling a problem together because you’re all in the same boat; some people will pick it up easily and others won’t, sometimes someone will be able to explain something to others and at other times it will be someone else. It’s encouraged me to seek out help from other students and take out time in the library to figure it out as opposed to just going straight to a lecturer for help which you used to do in school with teachers. When you do eventually get there you feel so rewarded.

Stephanie Thomson • May 1, 2020

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