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Challenging your limits

I chose to study Aeronautical Engineering at University of Brighton because the course offered an engaging hands-on approach. I chose to specialise in aeronautical engineering as I was always fascinated by the dynamics of flight.

When I was accepted, I was excited by the prospect of specialising my studies. A year in industry gave me the opportunity to explore my professional interests before finishing my course, adding to the appeal and it highlighted the areas of engineering that interest me most, changing my ultimate career goals and re-energising me for the final years of my course.

The placement year at MBDA was a particular highlight as it presented me with engaging problems to solve in a real-world situation. This gave me multiple responsibilities beyond that which I expected to get. Alongside this, it was a valuable opportunity to take the knowledge learnt at university and understand how my academic course applies to a professional setting.  My time at university has enabled me to develop my independence as a young professional. It has also given me the environment to challenge the limits associated with being a student through international competitions and conferences that I could apply for.

Another highlight is the continued enthusiasm and support from my lecturers.  If you are an active and engaged student, the staff members will be proactive in helping you to achieve your goals through advice and support. The support from my personal tutor, Nicholas Miché, during my time at university (from my first year when settling in, through my 3rd year thesis and now supporting our journey though the FYT competition) has been exceptional. He has always taken time to give me both professional and educational advice that has remained focused on my own personal development above all other factors. His passion for our course has been constant through my whole time at university and has always been focused on improving the experience for all of the students studying Aeronautical Engineering. This support motivated me to continue my studies with a Master’s degree and enter the Fly Your Thesis! competition.

‘Fly Your Thesis!’ is an international competition aimed at giving Master’s and PHD level students the opportunity to test their experiments in a microgravity environment. Our project aimed to test a technology being studied by researchers at the university called Pulsating Heat Pipes (PHPs) when applied to a nanosatellite-sized platform. The selection process gave me an opportunity to apply my project planning and presentation skills to explain our proposal to a panel of industry experts and educational peers from other teams.

Brighton is a vibrant city with plenty of diversity, it has given me the opportunity to meet people with similar interests and engage in new exciting activities. My professional experience gained during my year in industry, along with the academic and hands-on experience from my course has given me the skills required to be hired by a leading company in my chosen field of work and a very competitive environment.

The only limits you might encounter at the University of Brighton are those set by yourself; there will always be a member of staff somewhere in the university willing to help you with any task or personal development. The course is engaging, challenging and is committed to taking any feedback onboard to improve the experience of its students and help them to meet their potential.

Liam Ardagh • December 4, 2018

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