Engineering at the University of Brighton

Cracking the whip on TV

A scientist from our division is due to appear on BBC’s The One Show to show what a sonic boom from a whip crack looks like. Dr Guillaume de Sercey, Research Fellow with the university’s Advanced Engineering Centre, will be using the same imaging techniques – Schlieren imaging – that he and his team use in…

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A whistlestop tour of our 1st year Product Design show

If you couldn’t make it to our first year product design students’ show, they made a short film to give you your own guided tour. Well done guys, great work.

Award winning product

Congratulations to Alexander Matthams, who graduated from our Product Design with Professional Experience course last year. Alex has won an award for Best of Product in the Creative Pool annual 2016 for KAY, his assistive jar-opening device. Alex’s product is designed to promote independent living by allowing the user to perform the task at hand and not…

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