Engineering at the University of Brighton

Mechanical engineering practical experience

Zack Humphries gives advice to our current and future Mechanical Engineering MEng students

For me, one of the highlights has to be the hands on practical experience you gain from the first year when you get to manufacture something. It gets everyone up to speed with a good blend of learning that helps to build on people’s different backgrounds

I’ve also enjoyed having access to the facilities here. Things like learning and using CAD which you don’t really have at home. The facilities here are really good.

It’s sensible to come here with some pre-planning, if not for your long term career plans at least with an idea about what kinds of things you might be interested in for your final year and your final project so you can make good choices along the way. And another piece of advice is to work hard and enjoy it.

After university I plan to start my own company becoming an Automotive Engine Test Equipment Supplier. The company I currently work for, who supply equipment and services for engine and vehicle testing will support me to get my business off the ground.

Laura Ruby • July 1, 2015

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