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We spoke to Jerry Nottage at the Engineering Project Exhibition to find out what he thought about studying Aeronautical Engineering BEng.  Here is what he has to say….

You build up your skills during the course which helps you think about areas you are more interested or stronger in. We start with the basics in many areas of the course so for example doing engineering drawing by hand, then we’re trained in 3D design and then in software modelling and making drawings from them.

DSC_2076If you have a good idea of the areas that you’re interested in you can focus on the things that are relevant to you and things that support your final year project. And you can go down a more practical or more theoretical route.

For my final year project I have looked at ways to improve wind turbines and make them more efficient and have approached it from both a technical and a social impact perspective. It has been a practical project from testing the product in the wind tunnel to simulation using the software that the university has to do rapid testing.

The facilities and access to them are great. For example I had full access to the wind tunnel over the holidays which was important for my final project. And the technicians have lots of practical knowledge and are happy to help you set things up.

I would definitely recommend this course. Especially for the practical elements and how that side of the learning is encouraged. It’s really important to have a strong practical element as it backs up what you might be learning in the classroom and what is needed in industry. It’s something that employers look for.

With this degree you could look at getting a job in the aerospace industry, either in the military or commercial sector, but there are many more opportunities available to you.



Laura Ruby • April 29, 2015

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