Honouring Engels in Eastbourne

‘Engels grew up in the Rhineland but spent much of his life in Britain. He enjoyed spending time in Eastbourne and his ashes were spread in the sea off Beachy Head. As well as working with Karl Marx, he contributed a huge amount to working class struggles in Britain. Engels documented the conditions in which 19th century workers lived, supported the Chartist struggle for the right to vote and addressed some of the rallies of the early labour movement. He deserves to be recognised as an important figure in the history of Eastbourne.’
Camilla Royle, author of A Rebel’s Guide to Engels

This website has been set up with the support of the University of Brighton, which has a campus in Eastbourne, to help commemorate the life, work and legacy of Friedrich Engels in Eastbourne – by detailing Engels’s connection to the town, his writings here and the attempts past and present to commemorate Engels in Eastbourne. It is a work in progress but new sections and new information are being added regularly, particularly in the run up to the bicentenary of his birth on 28 November 2020.

One thought on “Honouring Engels in Eastbourne

  1. We have been trying to raise awareness of Engels for years, its important that we put his plaque back up , i would like sometime to get Alan Wehham involved , he is a local historian , that has a vast knowledge of what originally happened . Where are you based in the Eastbourne Brighton Un site!? I may have got Alans surname wrong!

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