Finished Portfolio

I have finished my portfolio!

I found a black folder with pockets so I can easily pull my work in and out, I’m happy with how it looks and the work that is in there. I only put a few pages in that I thought was me at my best as I didn’t want any average work in there. I also have set up a website and Instagram account for my portfolio as well so I don’t need to have it around with me and it’s easier for people to find me.

Overall I am very happy with how everything has turned out.

Instagram Account: @ellenewmancreative



I have just recently set up an online portfolio as I think this will go well with my Instagram and real-life portfolio. I can also put everything on my online portfolio as it’s ready for anyone whereas my main portfolio only has a few pages and is interchangeable depending on the job and situation that I need it for.

The website name is

Business Cards

I have just compleated designing my business cards, when going through my work I realised that I use a lot of pastel colours such as Light Pink and Blue so I decided to stick with the colour theme of light pink for my business cards. From my inspiration board, I really liked the idea of colour mainly on one side and playing with lines and shapes. I really like my business cards and think they match my style perfectly. I have also set up an Instagram account where I put all my creative work, so I don’t have to carry around a portfolio with me.


Business Card Inspiration

I have started thinking about my business cards I have looked online to try and get some inspiration. I have found myself drawn to business cards that are quite simple in terms of text but all use a lot of colours even if it’s only on one side or even half the card. I think it is important for the business cards to have as much information on me as possible, I want to include the links to my online portfolio, Instagram, email address and phone number so future employers have all the information they may need to contact me to hand. I have put the images below of the images that have inspired me the most. The next step is for me to experiment with my own designs.