Statement Of Intent

As part of the requirements of the module as well as a Sketchbook and Press Release, I have to produce a Statement of Intent on what my chosen concept is for my Final Major Project. I have attached this document below.

Statement of Intent 

Statement Of Intent -2j2p3bt

I am happy with my idea and are looking forward to working on it in the future. I am now going to still focus on research for the time being and expanding my knowledge of cancer and campaigns more to make my work more rounded in the future. Overall I am happy with my work but did find that I ran out of time near the end of the mockups were not as good as I would have liked and I would have liked to research more on branding and typography more.

Final Idea and Press Release

After much deliberation, I have decided to choose the M&S X Just for you as my Final Project Proposal Idea. I feel very passionately about the concept and really think I could pull the idea off. I have made a list of the possible outcomes Ithink I could produce as part of my final piece.

The outcomes I want to achieve are:

  • Brand Pack Booklet
  • Campaign imagery for Collaboration with M&S
  • Launch Event Pack
  • Full operational website and social media for ‘Just for You’ and M&S Campaign
  • One fully produced Care Package

As part of my research Project, I have written a Press Release as if I was part of M&S to see how it would read I am quite happy with how it turned out and think it explains my concept well.

Press Release


Idea 2: M&S X Just for you

I next wanted to create Mockups for my Second Idea, I have decided to call the charity Just for You and the collaboration M&S X Just for you. The target market of the clothing that is sold in M & S is everyone would be between the ages of 21 – 39, but I think I could market it for all age ranges of people who have been affected by Cancer.

The idea aims to create an awareness campaign in partnership with M&S to launch a pyjama and loungewear range instore and online where 25% of the profits go towards building care packages for people who are going through Cancer. Each parcel will be personalised to the individual, specially selected based on what Cancer they have, what treatment they are having and what they like. This campaign aims to create awareness about cancer as well as supporting people that are going through treatment and helping them not only stay stylish but helping them keep their sense of individuality and dignity.

I have created Mockups of how I would want to brand ‘Just For you’ to look.


I really like the logo, I chose the colour of Blue because it has connotations with Calmness and Reliability. I used the Cancer Ribbons as inspiration but reimagined it in a heart shape with illustrates a love for the people that we would be sending packages to.


I also created a mockup of the Just for you website ‘About us page’ I did this to partly see how I the brand might look online but also to help me explain what the brand is and to clarify it to myself without waffling. I’m not a huge fan of the website layout as I like it looks bland, I would definitely work on this in the future. But for helping me to clarify what my campaign is I found it incredibly use full.


For the poster, I decided to create an infographic, as I wanted the poster to be informative as well as easy to read and appealing. I like the concept behind the poster but think If I do take this forward I would like to redo it and make the illustrations more detailed and use better facts.


I really like my mock-up of the ‘Just for you’ Instagram page. my only note would be that I would use my own photography when I do it later on in the project.


M&S Branding 

I also created the M&S branding that they would use to promote the brand as I wanted to try and create something that already has strict guidelines. I looked at another M&S branding from past collaborations to understand how the brand would illustrate and promote this collaboration.



I really like my M&S website mockup, I think it really does look like something you would find on the M&S website. I only difference I would do is that I use my own photography in the future.

Social Media  

I also created an M&S’s Instagram account to show how Marks and Spencers might post about it on its social media. It’s not my favourite mockup that I have created, and I would definitely redo this if I take this idea forward.

Adaptable Co. MockUps

I have started creating mockups for what my adaptable clothing range for the elderly would be. I have decided to call the brand Adaptable Co. The target market for my brand would be men and women over the age of 70-75 who, who are having medical issues such as; Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Also in my target market would be men and women who live in a care home, it could be either the care home themselves that get the clothing or the residents, the garment would allow them to dress themselves helping them to gain back their independence.


This is the mock up I have created for the poster, I really like the design I think it looks clean and straightforward as well as easy to read.


I have also created a mockup website for Adaptable Co. I know that a lot of my clients won’t really use the internet, but their families do, and with an ageing population, I want my brand to last so in the future more old people will be computer literate, so the website is critical. The website is simple with just black and white imagery, if I take this forward I would want to work on the website more and make it more appealing and possibly add some colour.

Final Major Project Idea

I have been brainstorming for an idea for my final major project, I have taken the four groups that I have been studying and brainstormed all the different ideas I could think of that I could do for my project. After much deliberation, I have decided on two different approaches.

Idea 1: Launching an adaptable clothing range for old people that have physical problems that make dressing themselves an impossible task. This range would help them gain independence back and also the clothing would be made in the UK and fashionable so no need for the tracksuit bottoms.

If I took this idea forward for my final piece I could create:

  • A print campaign, eg. poster and flyers
  • Adverts for the TV and radio
  • Booklet to go into the newspaper
  • Business Cards
  • Online Website/ Social Media
  • Brand Booklet

Idea 2: Is a charity that creates personalized care packages that go to people who are going through cancer. The boxes will be individual to the person so each package would depend on what cancer they have, what treatment they are having and what they like and dislike. The campaign would be a collaboration with M&S who would be making adaptable nightwear and loungewear to go in the parcels. To fund this, they would create a range of nightwear and loungewear that they would sell instore and online and 20% of the sales would go towards making the adaptable nightwear to go in the parcels.

If I took this idea forward for my final piece I could create:

  • A print campaign, eg. poster and flyers
  • Brand Pack
  • Launch Event Book
  • Fully Working Website/ Social Media
  • One fully produced Care Package

I’m torn between these two ideas, so I’m going to try and create some imagery and see if that helps me choose what my final design will be.

Mastectomy Bras

I next wanted to research what clothing existed for people on the high street that had been or were currently going through Cancer. I soon realised there wasn’t much on offer, the most common item that a few shops sold were mastectomy bras. A lot of women choose to have a mastectomy when going through breast cancer. One of the main problems after having one is dealing with the effects mentally of losing their breasts or breast. Some retailers have started to make and sell mastectomy and post-surgery bras to help women with this change. M&S was the first high street retailer to sell them followed quickly by Debenhams.


Debenhams website is clear and easy to read and quite attractive, there is a lot of information on the Mastectomy and Post – surgery page on how to shop and what makes their bra’s different. They have an extensive variety of bra’s, that are sold at the same price as the ‘normal’ bras.


M&S were the first retailers to sell mastectomy bras, they also work with Coppafeel so for every bra that is sold 10% of the price goes to Breast Cancer Now charity. M&S’s website is played out a little more straightforward then Debenhams, and there is little to no information on the page about the bra’s or how to shop them. The designs are also a little duller than the Debenhams ones which are quite bright and colourful.

From all my research, that I have done in this module across all the groups.  I have been shocked to see how many time the high street retailers don’t cater for a large selection of society whether that be people with physical disabilities, older generation or people with health problems who regularly have treatment or surgery. I am particularly interested in adaptable clothing and think I want to take this forward into my Final Major Project.

Live Better With Cancer


Live better with cancer is a website created by Tamara Rajah, in 2015. Live better with cancer is a one-stop shop for cancer patients; to help relieve the side effects that negatively impact on their everyday lives. The business has now helped over 45,000 customers around the world. Tamara worked in healthcare and saw how neglected the ‘everyday life’ side of healthcare. Then after both her grandparents got diagnosed with cancer she decided to start a website where people could find everything they needed under lots of different categories.



When you first go onto the website you get met with a considerable array of categories from skin, sick, sleeping to sex. They also sell hamper’s that you can give as gifts to people going through cancer. The baskets are quite goofed prices compared to rival companies. They also come in hamper’s rather than boxes, so they depending on what treatment people are going through.


Blog and Info

As well as the products they sell, they also offer a blog where they write up gift guides, tips for people going through hair loss and even posts for people that are living with someone who is going through cancer. Such as ‘A guide for careers’ and dealing with grief. But alongside the blog is a community forum where people can ask questions such as ‘Feeling Sick’, ‘Worrying about returning’ and ‘cooling caps’. I think this is an excellent idea for having a community spirit. As well as these two they also have a cancer support map which show’s you all the places you can o if you need help or support. Live better with cancer also has a podcast so you really can find them on so many platforms.

Social Media

Live better with Cancer also uses social media to connect its message. Thye uses Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The post regularly and have quite a few followers. I really like the community element of this company and how they offer a lot of information and solutions to everyday problems.

Don’t Buy Her Flowers


Don’t buy her flowers was founded in 2014 after founder Steph had just had her first baby. After her baby, she kept being given flowers by her friends and family and couldn’t understand why people were giving a new mum another thing to care for when they’re doing more caring then they’ve ever done in their life. She already had a popular blog called Sisterhood, and it wasn’t long before people started asking for more occasions other than just new mums. Steph then started doing packages for all different events such as ‘Gluten-free packages’ to ‘book packages’ the one that really caught my attention was the ‘Stand up to Cancer’ package. Don’t buy her flowers have also teamed up with brands such as ‘Cook’ which can add food vouchers to peoples packages. You can also give packages to men, women and couples they even put alcohol in some of them. Don’t buy her flowers moto is ‘Flowers say I’m thinking of you’ A gift package from Don’t buy her flowers says ‘ I’m thinking of you, this package is all you and I hope it makes you feel good.’



Don’t buy her flowers packages range from 20 pounds to 33 pounds. They offer free delivery on orders over 70 pounds. The packages are in brown cardboard boxes and filled with shavings. Don’t buy her flowers is an English brand that ships only to the UK. I love the packages and how they look clear and pretty compared to the other products and websites this one is definitely the best regarding looks out of all the ones I’ve researched.

Build your package

The thing I like the most about this brand is that you can pick and choose what goes into your packages, eg on the stand up to cancer package you can decide what to select in five categories, and there are so many options in each group. It really gives people a choice in what they are picking. You can even create a whole package from scratch, so the parcel is entirely unique and personal. They also have excellent reviews on all their products on their website.


Social Media

Don’t Buy her flowers have a huge social media following with 52.6K followers online alone. They also have facebook and twitter, and even influencers such as Bowelbabe are promoting them on their social media.

Cancer Care Parcel


Cancer care parcel was founded by Dr share Cohen in 2013 after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she got diagnosed, she found little time to relax or even research was not top of her priority. She also felt there were a few friends who saw the situation very awkward, they avoided her as they didn’t know how to react or what to say. So she set up cancer care parcel, to enable children and adults with cancer to take some of the worries away and bring some calm back into their lives cancer care parcel is also an ideal gift, to let people with cancer know that you care and are thinking about them. The website is quite outdated and boring to look at they do have a lot of different packs depending on what treatment the person is having and what age/ gender they are. The website enables you to choose from a vast selection of parcels you can also select a pack based on what kind of cancer the person has I think this is such a good idea as everyone’s needs are different.



There care parcels range from 45 pounds up to 150 pounds which I think is quite expensive as none of these products are bespoke, they have all got these products from elsewhere. They are also set packages, so you can’t change anything, which for the money I feel like you should be able to. With each box, it tells you how appropriate it is for the person who is undergoing treatment so so don’t get one full of products they can’t you. The parcels are packaged in brown boxes that say ‘Someone is thinking about you, and got you this gift’. They ship worldwide but are biased in the UK. They have reviews on their website that gives nearly all their products 5 or 4 starts, so the customers are pleased with them.


On their website as well as selling the parcels they also have a resources section where they keep personal stories, information on cancer research and charity partners. As well as these resources they have a blog one of the posts that caught my eye was ‘Stop telling me to be brave’ starting there #stoptellingme campaign I feel really strongly about stopping these types of words as I know effected my mum a lot as she felt constant pressure to be ‘Battling/ Winning/ Brave’


Social Media

Cancer care parcel also has on online presence. They have a facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkin and a google page. They keep them updated regularly and they have quite a lot of followers, they have 2,554 followers. But I feel like there is so much they couldn’t work with the online platform if they posted better content.

Cancer Be Glammed


Cancer be glammed otherwise known as GBG was founded in 2009 by two friends Ellen Weiss Leander and Lisa. Both women had cancer and understood the problems and stresses that come from it. They both looked for practical yet fashionable recovery products and style solutions that would help them to look better and reclaim their sense of self. But they soon realised that there was no such place, and so GBG was born. GBG is a website to help women prepare for the non-surgical appearance side to help provide people with easy access to popular recovery products and lifestyle solutions. And for family and friends who want to show their support, they offer thoughtful gifts that women in treatment will use and appreciate. Unfortunately, Ellen passed away in 2012, but Lisa still works on the website and keeps it going. On the website, you get given a large option of categories to choose from clothing, journals and planners, wigs, skin care, gifts and doctors advice. The website is easy to use and full of information and products to look at. Cancer be glammed is there to help women diagnosed with all forms of cancer recover with dignity, self-esteem and style.


Cancer be glammed don’t make there own products, they just point people to products they can buy. The one that stood out to me the most was the cancer gift baskets, I really like the idea of a hamper and will be looking into this next. The buskets are quite basic, full of other brands products and really expensive. But I think I could come up with a better package. As well as products they also have a selection where they talk about all the different charities and places where people can go for advice or talk telling their readers ‘You are not alone’.


Cancer is glammed also has a blog that they regularly update. This has story’s, advice and fashion. One of the articles that caught my attention was called ‘What should I bring to Chemo’ I love that this is spoken about and she asks the followers for advice, so it really is a community feel.


Cancer is glammed have also released a guide called ‘Recover in style’. This guide prepares women facing all form of cancer, about appearance.  This magazine-style guide empowers women to tackle day to day recovery challenges while maintaining their dignity, self-esteem and personal style.

Social Media 

CBG also uses social media to help push their awareness, they use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. The most interesting one is youTube. They put up videos where they talk to people about treatments and fashions. I think this is an excellent and unique idea that really adds to the brand and community spirit of the brand.