Trekstock Evaluation

Trekstock is a charity aimed at young adults who are currently going through or have been through Cancer. They offer peer to peer support, health and wellbeing interventions and age appropriate information. Trekstock’s wants to be inclusive and wants to appeal to not only the people who are going through or have been through cancer but their families and supporters as well. They asked us to create a 360 degree campaign that involved fashion in some way. They wanted to not only raise money for the charity but wanted to become more well known and raise peoples awareness of the charity it’s self. From my research into Trekstock and what kind of campaigns they liked I realised that they wanted to be inclusive and include the Cancer patients as well as there sponsors. My proposal for the Trekstock campaign is Trekstock pyjamas, specially designed clothing for cancer patients receiving treatment and for supporters of the charity. The pyjamas and loungewear is designed by 4 designers all with connections to cancer or Trekstock, there are two ranges of pyjamas, the pyjamas for the cancer patients will have access points so Dr’s and nurses can easily access their ports or stents without the patient having to undress fully, the material would be made from silk and cotton which will be machine washable and allow the patients skin to breath to help with temperature irregularities, skin sensitivity and most of all be very comfortable. The second range would be made from the same material and will be the same designs but without the access points so both patients or supporters can wear the same clothing allowing the patients to feel included. For every pair of supporter pyjamas that are sold, the money from that sale will be given towards the production on producing patient pyjamas for free. To celebrate the launch of these products, there will be an event held down at Brighton sea front, the event will be held in collaboration with Brighton’s Big Screen which is the largest beach front cinemas in Europe.

Popcorn and Pyjamas is the name given to the all-day event that will be held down at Brighton sea front. The day will allow cancer patients, families and supporters to spend quality time with each other. The day will include various film screenings, activities, talks and workshops. There will be special quests including the designers of the pyjamas and loungewear, food and drink will be available on site along with a medical centre. Sponsors such as Ibis Hotels have special VIP beds that patients can use to relax with their families and other pop up tents will be available on the day.

The event and the range will be marketed by social media this will include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, advertisement such as bus stop posters, flyers and billboard posters will be on show all over the UK 3 months prior to the event. What we hope to achieve from the event and the products is awareness and support for the charity, raising money for cancer treatment all over the UK, giving Trekstock their own niche product so that this company can go in other directions and makes them stand out from other cancer charities. We hope to off patient better quality of life whilst going through treatment, and we aim to make fashion a positive part of their experience. The future for this campaign could expand to the event being annual and ending up doing more clothing, care packages and could eventually team up with other charities. I am over all very happy with the outcome of my work for this project. I think I could of produced better marketing and advertising campaigns but apart from that I am really happy with how this project turned out.

Diversity Now Evaluation

In the Diversity Now project we were asked to create a piece of work to submit to a competition. The competition was about diversity in the fashion industry, we had to pick a theme that we felt the fashion industry was under representing and create a piece of writing or poster campaign to represent our cause. I decided to focus on age in the fashion industry and how older women are not very often represented in the fashion industry in terms of models and campaigns. I did a lot of research into other companies that have used older models such as American Apparel, Dolce and Gabbana and the M and S leading ladies campaign. I decided to do a journalistic article as writing is one of my strongest skills, and I really felt I could evoke more of what my thoughts and feelings were on older women representation in the fashion industry then I could picture. But I did do a photo shoot with an older model aged 78, I know photography is not one of my strong points but I really enjoyed shooting her. I feel like my photos are ok but they could have been stronger if they were shot in the studio or if I had better lighting with me on the day. I also could of used different cameras instead of just a SLR, such as an analog camera. For my journalistic article I decided to focus on the phase ‘Growing old gracefully’. I’m really happy with the topic choice that I picked it was relevant to how I was thinking and feeling the time. I am really happy with the writing that I produced as I feel it really points out what is wrong with the fashion industry’s current attitude to older women and even makes use question are own opinions on older women’s roles also. Even though the writing is good, I feel like I could have produced a better layout and could of made the journalistic article look a lot more pleasing to the eye. I did use one of the photo’s that I took from my shoot to accompany the article. I added in some typography in a sixties/ seventies type style as this fitted in well with the ‘peace and love’ feel I was going for. I also added in the models name and age as I felt this was important to show as age is never normally stated in fashion campaigns. The phase I went for on the poster was ‘With age comes ageless beauty’, I really like this phase as it fits in perfectly with what my article was about and is a phase that every women should know. Over all I am quite happy with my final outcomes for this project, I didn’t really enjoy the project for some reason as I just couldn’t get connected with it enough. I found it really hard to get motivated and to create any work. If I could change anything it would be doing more research as I feel this really could of helped to motivate me and inspire me to think more and create more work.