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I want to create a well-rounded care package with everything someone will want and need while going through Cancer. My packages will have Adaptable Clothing, Drink, Food and Beauty products in it, but I also want to include some Accessories products that can be used for the duration of the treatment. I also want to include some personalised elements as people love the personalisation and I want to stick to the idea and theme of ‘Just For You’.

One Gree Bottle


Water is such an important element in health, not only are our bodies made up of 60% water but it is also recommended that an adult drinks two litres of water a day. When my mum was ill it was always recommended that if she couldn’t eat anything that day or stomach a smoothie or juice she should drink water. So I wanted to include a water bottle in the packages, I found a local company called One Green Bottle that makes refillable water bottles. The bottles come with a built-in straw perfect for people that are finding it hard to drink. I think this would be a great addition to the parcels as they can be reused and carried around with the person.

Posh Totty


Posh Totty is a Brighton shop that specialises in personalised jewellery and gifts, I have shopped in Posh Totty for years and love it. When my mum was unwell she had a birthday and it was so hard to decide what gift to get someone who we all knew was the last birthday she would have. I came up with the idea of getting a personalised necklace with mine and my sibling’s names on and she loved it. I saw how getting a personal gift meant so much more than the body washes and candles. As well as having a personalised jewellery element, they also have toiletry bags, mugs and notebooks that can also be personalised. I want to give people the option to add these into the package as an option.

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  1. Hilary Hilary June 8, 2024 / 6:28 pm

    Brighton is home to a diverse range of innovative companies, many of which focus on health and wellness. Among these, several specialize in weight loss solutions, leveraging the city’s vibrant community and progressive ethos. Companies like Pure360 and Brandwatch also thrive here, contributing to Brighton’s reputation as a tech hub. However, it’s the health-focused enterprises, such as fitness centers, nutritionists, and tech startups offering cutting-edge weight loss programs, that truly highlight Brighton’s commitment to wellbeing. These companies not only provide tailored services but also foster a supportive environment for individuals striving to achieve their weight loss goals.

  2. Eliason Eliason June 20, 2024 / 12:57 pm

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