Target Market

I’m working towards creating my Brand Book for my company Just For You. In order to do this, I need to work out the basics of the company such as Target Market. To help me to figure out who my target market is I found a load of Statistics on Cancer such as What are the most common types of Cancer and what ages get diagnosed with Cancer the most. I chose the stats that stood out the most to me and wrote them down in my sketchbook below. This allowed me to see easier who my Target Market was and what ages I wanted my company to the aimed at.

From my stats, I started writing up my target market, I have decided to aim for the age range of 22 – 49-year-olds. I have chosen this because from my stats I found that 0 -24-year-old Cancer diagnoses have risen by 24%  and 25 – 49-year-olds have risen by 20%. As my company is going to launch aiming at women only I will start my target market at 22-year-olds up to 49-year-olds. I want my target market to not only be the individuals themselves who are going through Cancer but also their family and friends who might want to buy them gifts to show their support. I have created three profiles of my target market that show how my company could help them and impact their lives.

I want to next look at what typography I am going to use in my company, looking at recreating the Logo and choosing what typeface I want my company to have.

Just For You – MoodBoards

I have decided to go back to the beginning to create my brand identity for the Brand Book I want to produce as one of my final outcomes. I have started this process by creating four mood boards that encapsulate my brands look. I decided in the last module to use a light blue and white as brand colours. This was because light blue was my mum’s favourite colour and also it has connotations of being calming. But I have since decided my brands colour palette to be Light Blue, White, Light Green, Light Grey and Gold. The reason I want these colours are that:

Gold – Warm tone, Adds a hint of luxury and is a bright and happy colour.

Light Grey – Subtle, Good background colour or outline, gives connotations of comfort and softness.

Light Green – Linked with Health and Nature, Spring and life.

I think all these colours go well together and encapsulate the vibe of my brand completely.


These are the four mood boards that created that illustrate my brand. I have used images of pants that signify the natural resources of all my products and the health element. Typography styles that I want to aim for, inspirational packaging and shoot styles that I want to be doing in my own work. I’m happy with these mood boards and feel like they give me a good start of inspiration for how I want my brand to be and the vibe I’m aiming for.

Just For You Reflection

I have spent my Christmas break thinking about my Final Major Project and where I want it to go. I have got the marks and feedback from my Research Module and have been thinking about what I want to achieve and what I want my brand to be. I have decided to change my idea slightly, for my Final Major Project. I still want to create a brand called ‘Just for you’ that create Cancer care packages for people who are going through Cancer, but I’m going to change the idea of working in collaboration with M&S to create the adaptive clothing. Instead Just for you is going to make there own adaptive clothing as I wanted to be more creative with designs and I felt that would be best done if I created the designs myself instead of with M&S. I also want my brand to focus on being Brighton based, so I want to fill my Care Packages with products from Brighton based companies. I want to do this as I want to help support my local businesses and I feel it will be a good selling point for the brand. I also want to change all the imagery that I created for the last module (illustrated below) as I don’t feel like these images represent the brand that I have in my head. I also want to push myself outside my comfort zones in terms of style for my work to grow.


I have also created a Mind – Map of what I want to achieve as my final outcomes as well as how I’m going to do it. I am a very visual and kinetic learner, so I find mind – maps incredibly useful for me to see how my project is going to be and how it’s going to be done. The first thing I want to do is create the core of my brand so I can start building my Brand Book.

Hello 2019 !

A new year and I can’t quite believe that after four years university is nearly over! Over Christmas, I have been thinking about my final project and where I want to take my project. I have got my grade back from my create research module and had feedback back at what I need to improve on. After doing a lot of research to create my idea, I now want to be more artistic and be a lot more creative. I am planning to go to London to see some exhibitions to gain inspiration for my own work as I am struggling to decide on what style I want my brand to have. Branding is fundamental to the identity of my brand, so I want to start researching artists and styles as well as pinpoint the brand I want to create and work towards creating a brand book for Just for You.