MA Fine Art Show: 16-19 Mar 2021

Poster - The Space Between

The Space Between, MA Fine Show. Dorset Place Gallery, 16-19 March 2021

‘The Space Between’ MA Fine Art show by Jane Beecham and Clive Parsley

You are invited to view the online show ‘The Space Between’ by artists Jane Beecham and Clive Parsley, two 1st year part-time students studying MA Fine Art, University of Brighton. This show is part of a series of group shows that take place each week as part of the MA Fine Art exhibition programme. This show is online and responds to the site of the Dorset Place Gallery Project Space: 

the space between


A collection of recent works by Jane Beecham and Clive Parsley inspired by consciousness, environment and memory. To what extent are our actions and thoughts influenced by the space we exist in? And how do our surroundings guide intuitive movements or embody specific memories?

This collaboration represents an exploration of the unseen, instinctive thought processes and unplanned narratives that occur between the here and there, and the past and present.

Jane Beecham’s work is a discovery of time and place through intuitive mark making and printmaking. Repetition and layering are two strong themes within her practice. Her current work is about breath and mindful meditation. Using abstract formations with a suggestion of landscape, she works in many layers of ink to create intensity and depth, questioning what may lie within.

With his series of works entitled ‘Recovered’, Clive Parsley uses abandoned objects and site intervention to invoke the memory of space by photographically wrapping found objects in their real or imagined settings. His pieces attempt to create an intimate interface between a time, a place and a window into previous existence.

View the Show online here:

the space between

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