MA Fine Art student Elizabeth Eade wins the Hix Award

Elizabeth Eade His Award

Elizabeth Eade is the winner of this year’s Hix Award. She wins £10,000 towards her studio costs and a solo exhibition at HIX ART in 2019. Eadeclaimed the prize in a fiercely fought competition with over 700 other applicants.

The HIX Award, founded by chef Mark Hix in 2012, offers students and graduates the chance to showcase their work and gives them support in their burgeoning careers. This year’s judging panel included Tracey Emin, Gavin Turk, Stephen Webster, Mark Hix and our own Editor Dylan Jones. Previous award winners include Joshua Raz, Felix Treadwell and most recently Sam Bailey.

Elizabeth Eade, studying Fine Art MA, created Die Liste, a 10m-long hand written list documenting the deaths of 33,305 people who died accessing Europe. Elizabeth said: “I felt the need to make it when I found a list of people who had died, published in a German newspaper. I was quite overwhelmed. It was such an emotional thing to see this Excel spreadsheet, with abbreviations and in many cases no names – just n/n.

“The list is compiled by an organisation called United who collated it from over 500 organisations around the globe.

“The scale of the tragedy is so vast, and my work was to highlight the impossible task of comprehending its scale.

“This is contrasted with the individual stories. Each line is a story of hope and adventure and ultimately tragedy, of very human endeavour, of brothers and sister and mothers and children.

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