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Vanessa Menrad Talk

Final Major Project

  • Online space for creative people
  • Responsible and Sustainable
  • Encourage collaboration within the sustainable fashion industry
  • Sharing editorial, inspirational and educational fashion content
  • Conscious shooting
  • Walk through Elm Grove and Lewes
  • Shooting along the way
  • An expeirience for everyone involved
  • Research into the waste of secondary production process
  • Experiential Fashion Shoot

Portfolio work

  • YVERT CONNECT app created after the hand for portfolio work
  • An app created to support sustainable creatives, help them share their work and connect with others 
  • Each project is one page
  • Makes it easier to rearrange the portfolio
  • Versatility
  • Simplistic
  • Website
  • Adaptability
  • Using wix
  • Word Press

Post Graduation

  • Art Direction @ Sister Jane and Ghospell
  • Concept, produce and execute shoots
  • Collaging
  • Conflict of Values and Ideologies

Personal notes

  • Production runners
  • To experience sets on a larger scale 
  • One project per page
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