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Diana Uprichard Talk

Diana Uprichard Dolly Clothing 

  • New and Sustainable are contradictory
  • Sole Trader
  • Focusing on consumption
  • Refusing to contribute to single use culture
  • Exercising de-growth and decreasing waste
  • Visual representation of how many clothes are thrown away every two seconds
  • Using creative curation as a distraction
  • Freedom from the highstreet
  • To watch The True Cost
  • Fashion Revolution
  • Circular fashion
  • If you keep an item for 2 years it has 24% less of an impact on the planet
  • River Blue The impact 0f denim

The Great Dolly Clothes Swap 26th Feburary

  • Community
  • Belonging
  • To disrupt the value of clothing
  • Continue the story of clothing
  • Redeveloping a love for unwanted clothes

Thrift Fashion Show 

  • Celebration of uniqueness
  • A fashion show to exhibit old clothes
  • High cost of £4000 to run
  • Fundraiser needed
  • Body positivity
  • Knitted together community

Side stepping and Adapting

  • Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Sewing scrubs
  • Fundraising through social media marketing
  • Scrub Kits Dolly Scrub Hub
  • Produced 14000 sets of scrubs
  • Sew For Good 
  • Dolly Kit 


  • Using Deadstock fabric to make Dolly Kits 
  • Smaller kits using scraps of unused fabrics

Personal Notes

  • Potential models Guilia, Lilly, Lara, Sarah
  • Maybe Borrow items from Diana for a performative shoot
  • Collaborating sustainability with a performance
  • Earthy tones to connote the connection between sustainability and the earth
  • Contrasting make up
  • Minimalistic look
  • Connote how sustainability is a circular performance that represents a cycle
  • Formative is about building a character
  • Collaborates the character within a performance and the character clothing holds when its reused
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