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AGP677 Tutorial 2

Through the development process of of my Final Major Project I have been looking at expanding my content creation to looking at moving image and visuals to bring my printed magazine/photo book to life. I plan to do through the use of QR codes and apps such as Adobe Aero and Artivive. My idea is to connect my documentary photography with videos produced by the creatives I photograph; some vides already created that I would like to include are:

  • Van Wilkins Keep Hush live set
  • Vague Skate Mag’s O.W.L – Maritime/O.W.L – Pavilion
  • Plxyhousx Instagram reel

Last week as a group we all created a collection of images that represented the direction of our Final Major Projects; and posted them on Padlet. The process involved:

  • Creating a Name
  • Imagery
  • Small description
  • ┬áPre-existing work used as an inspiration
  • Identifying other ideas
  • Encourage collaboration

After further discussion within my Tutorial with Dani this week, to develop my research process I need to look at:

  • Colour Palettes
  • Visual content
  • Alignment
  • Font
  • Flat Plan
  • Building an aesthetic
  • Making the imagery cohesive
  • Target Market
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