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‘The performance of rituals’ in conversation with Lauren

After a recommendation from Dani, Lauren and myself discovered a strong correlation between our themes and thought it would be beneficial to record an informal conversation, discussing our views and opinions on the topic of ‘The performance of rituals’. After a brief conversation beforehand we agreed to speak under three categories: Preparation, Interaction and Reflection. It allowed us to discuss how people and each other prepare for the day, what rituals we each do and the idea that a human daily ritual is a performance within itself. The conversation was recorded on a iPhone and flowed extremely naturally as if we were recording a podcast. By collaborating it allowed Lauren and myself to elaborate on our themes and gain an external perspective.

Moving forward, graphically I would like to create a visual that I can use to enhance the audio of our conversation to be uploaded to my blog. This is because at present I have no intentions of creating a digital presence for my magazine although through my development this may change and evolve into a social media account that will enable me to post and access a wider audience.

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