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AGP677 Tutorial

After a couple tutorials with Dani, I managed to create a strong foundation for my FMP as they helped stimulate my thought process.We spoke about aspects I would need to think about in order to move forward and what actions I would need to take in order to complete the tasks I set myself. The aspects included:

  • Casting
  • Location
  • Styling
  • Hair and Make up
  • Prop
  • Post production

My thought process works very clinically and I like to create a structure to my work, so it was easiest for me to work in quantities, thinking about:

  • How many editorials
  • How many are going to Landscape
  • How many are going to be Portrait
  • How many Beauty shots
  • Which practitioners do I need to contact

Creating these lists help me to organise my time and create a base to begin my work process. I concluded that naturally I’m attracted to Methodical styling, as its thoroughly thought out and symbolic. The logic behind something being done in a certain way helps be understand the creative thought process of a practitioners work, and this is what I would like to reflect in my own work. Techniques to consider are:

  • Photography Bracketing
  • Flatplanning
  • Documantation
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