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AGP676 Concept Development

This week I made it a priority to develop the concept of my research in order to build the foundations for my final major project. I personally struggled with finding a balance between simplicity and a topic I was genuinely passionate about. In an attempt to not over complicate my research, I thought of factors that would influence my decision; I wanted to pick a topic that was relevant at present and something that would have a vast amount of sources, in order to expand my exploration. I’ve always been infatuated by the performative approach to runway fashion and how it can influence street couture; so for my final major project I want to investigate the collaboration between performance and runaway fashion.

My goal is to delve deeper into how a performative approach can elevate a runway show or editorial and how it can provoke consumer interest. By focusing on visual analysis I hope to communicate the evolution of runway fashion and experiment with the concept that the way a garment is displayed, whether that be on a dancer, in a specific location or worn doing a specific activity can influence the perspective of a collection. For my initial research I plan to explore past and current designers that have used performance to enhance their collections, alongside photographers and stylists that take an atmospheric approach to editorial work in order to help develop my own creative identity.

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