Personal Project Tutorial

I have been playing with the idea of how I’m going to format a final piece concept from the work I have been doing and being met with hurdles along the way. I want to create a piece which encourages; the telling, retelling, sharing and visual play of folktales. Now, this concept is difficult to visualise as it looks into how humans want to interact with each other and why we no longer tell folktales.

Jeremy helped me come with some ideas including an Exquisite Corpse and a Myriorama. The myriorama suggested to me was one by Tom Gauld called Endless Journeys .

This is a good example of a myriorama, however I personally think it is slightly lacking in intrigue. I feel like the sections all look very similar which although in some ways is the point so that they can be re-assembled. Yet, I think it that the colours are muddy and the visuals are repetitive. This is all very well to say but trying to rework this myriorama style will be difficult.

Also, had a brain wave while considering the format of the project “Tell (a) Tale” will get back to that later.


Personal Project Proposal

Upon writing my proposal I wanted to make it clear that the project, isn’t just going to be about illustrating folktales as this is something that I know I can do and I want to challenge myself. Instead, I want to make an outcome which encourages storytelling and sharing amongst people.

Below is my proposal…

For my personal project I am eager to explore a long-time interest of mine, Folktales. I would like to research the structure of a folktale, how this can change and evolve from story teller to teller and how this resonates in modern culture. Folktales combine the mundane with magic and intrigue, they tell stories of local people, myths, traditions and the landscape to name but a few themes. I find that their rich history and range of topics serve as fuel for visual stimuli. For my outcomes I would like to create a body of work which explores experimental book illustration and bookmaking, utilising different bookmaking techniques to visually represent the concept of oral storytelling. With the extensive deadline I feel that it presents the opportunity to create some developed lino or lithography prints as part of the book illustration. I would like to challenge myself with overprinting the pre-designed book to add an element of chance much like the telling of a folktale is different each time it is told. To broaden my scope in this project, I would like to include the opportunity of using animations as part of the book with technology such as Aurasma. Overall, I want the project to be an experiment in modern storytelling in creating a book which gives the same excitement and spontaneity as the oral telling of a folktale.