Text and Context 7: Designing accompanying material

As discussed in my previous post, I have gathered a lot of visual material for this project and want to utilise it. Throughout my animation I have had it dotted around, however, I want the pieces to be seen as their own piece. For this I am thinking a poster zine comprised of a poster advertising the animation on the one side and on the other screen-grabs from the animation. I have a few variations of ideas that I would like to try out for this¬† –

  1. Design and print it out in one go, computer to print.
  2. Design the screen-grabs and the type on the Photoshop and over print the poster using a photocopy lithograph.
  3. Design one side of the poster (screen- grabs) and leave the front to be overprinted using a photocopy lithograph and letterpress the title.

In a perfect world having time to experiment with the third option would be most satisfying. Yet, it is the most time consuming – I think the most likely would be the second option but time will tell.

To help with designing the poster I have been looking at sixties posters and album cover for inspiration on what defines sixties design. Also, I have been looking


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