Lithography, Session 7: 20/03/18

After being inspired by our trip to the Tate Britain last Tuesday, I was excited to finish my print off and see how I could further improve it.

The first challenge of the day was figuring out how to register my paper in line with my second print, this was a challenge but was easily overcome. I used acetate to print the second print over, next without moving the acetate (through placing masking tape) line up the already printed first layer print against the acetate print layer. Even with one print on acetate you could tell that the blue and yellow layer were going to overlay into a green which I was really pleased with.

I mixed a blue ink with ease, and although it took a couple of overprints it came out well and was transparent enough to let the yellow shine through. I’m really pleased with how the planned main print came out, the blue layer really completes the whole thing and makes the story come together. However, with inspiration from Rauschenberg’s prints I couldn’t help but think that another layer of predominately mark making over the top of the prints as an experiment would be a way to push my practice further.

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