Dada Project: Exhibition

To finalise my video piece for the exhibition I wanted to add sound and render the video. For sound I decided to use the FreeSounds service, for the beginning portion of the video I decided to use the background sounds of a house party – the hustle and bustle juxtaposed with the scripted advert well. I used a series of fingers snapping, I felt this split up the three sections of the video in the manner of which I made them.

Next I used the phrase “Let’s play hot bingo.” which I thought was funny and ironic, I then followed this with the background sounds of a bingo hall. Again, I used the sound of fingers snapping and then children singing nursery rhymes. I liked the sound of innocence for the ending of the video.

I was proud of what I created for the exhibition, I felt like it was a fully formed idea with a clear beginning, middle and end. I also think the found footage amongst the Dada poem helped it stand out against the other videos.

On reflection, the video has sections which could be cut faster, and some of the GIFs could have been finished in Photoshop to a higher standard. If this had been a longer project I would have been sure to rectify these issues. Overall, I am pleased with the look and feel it conveys how I feel during a creative rut – when I am feeling stuck looking for ideas. It portrays the feeling of breaking through the rut (represented during bingo) while it also shows the anxious thoughts of “Is this good enough?”, “Is this good design?” etc.

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