Golden Time Poster Collaboration

As part of our fundraiser I collaborated with Lily Weinbrand on a Golden Time poster. The theme was around school children and nostalgia, bringing the attendees back to a school disco type vibe but with a modern twist. Lily drew inspiration for the graphics from an old bull fighting poster, I thought this concept was interesting and enjoyed that it meant a large space in the middle for an illustration.

I was asked to complete one main illustration a series of faces and some graphic symbols like arrows and lines. For the main illustration I focused on children running out of school, eager to leave and in theory go to Golden Time. I used pen and ink to give it a appropriate feel. While I broke up the foreground and background with a split of white and grey.

Lily composed the poster and I’m happy with the outcome I think the concept comes through and I like the contrast between fairly traditional illustration and the modern graphics.

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