Plumpton College Drawings 09/03/18

As part of this term I am taking it upon myself to push my own boundaries in drawing.  I think it is natural to continually draw the same thing, however so my practice doesn’t become stagnant  I am trying to put myself out there and draw from life more often. So, when given the opportunity to draw at Plumpton College I was eager to join in.

Drawing in the stables was a calming environment and you could really get a sense of the horses you were drawing and trying to incorporate some kind of personality into that. I particularly liked drawing portraits of the horses, as they have a challenging face shape to contend with. Also, their eyes are human like which conveys a lot of emotion.

I am happy with my outcomes of the day, I drew a lot more than I usually do when drawing from life. Next time I would like to incorporate a few more materials maybe collage and pastels as I think adding some colour to the drawings would’ve pushed them.

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