Manifesto: Deciding on making a calendar

I have been considering making a calendar as a final piece for a while as the format intrigues me. For this particular project I thought it would be a good way to show the aspect of time on climate change. Many climate change deniers can hide away from the responsibilities of climate change by alluding to fact that it won’t happen in their lifetime. However, many changes have already occurred in the landscape, environment and animals species.

By having a calendar its saying that you can’t avoid this its a circumstance which keeps happening day after day, although the impact is slight daily it still occurs. The calendar would have an ironic purpose as nobody would actually want a calendar which was so depressing and foreboding – therefore its a practical item without a use. This is quite an interesting concept and I think relates to the fact that we have so much information of climate change and don’t really understand what to do with it. I want to suggest that we should comb through the information ourselves and actually investigate what we think is true and how reliable our sources are.

I’m trying to encourage people to stay curious and question everything, the media feeds us and we without realising take it in. This calendar is supposed to everyday make us consider actually that “fact” that I’ve been telling everyone is it actually true? Where did I hear it from? Why have I been telling people?

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