Manifesto: Finding inspiration in artist research

I have been wanting to create a more textural, worn down and deteriorated style for this project to mimic how climate change is slowly wearing the earth out.

For this I took inspiration from my trip to the Tate Britain and Robert Rauschenberg, I loved his acetone prints against lithography. I think its such a great layering of techniques and I’m keen to try out the acetone printing. Its the rubbings I love, the aggressive mark making. I took so many pictures of them at the gallery as the more you look at them the more you can see, I’d really like to create a similar feeling of all is not what it seems.

Another artist who I’ve been interested in is Chris Ashworth, I love his textural collage and the use of type in his work. He has an eye for composition that I would like to learn from, I think this is the type of degradation through collage that I’m looking for. Where you can see what the thing is but it has a layer of mystery. 



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