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Although I enjoyed looking into Frankenstein as a story, I felt stumped when it came to changing the story as I have never read the full story. I am one for keeping things authentic and I felt without fully understanding the original story I would be at a disadvantage.

So I considered looking into one of the other stories – The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka. Due to this being a short story I felt confident I could read and finish it, needless to say I did. I found the story confusing and shocking but also funny and ironic. The story has many levels to it and therefore room to maneuver, some people may see the story as even funny. I wouldn’t go that far but I could see the appeal.

PDF of the text: The-Metamorphosis-1h4cuxs

I researched other material which is used to illustrate The Metamorphosis .

Below are images from My First Kafka, a children’s book by Matthue Roth.

I really like the point of view of these illustrations, straight from the bug’s level – which suggests that he does have a sense of humanity. Also, the black and white works so well as it is a dark and morbid story, it sets the feel. Admittedly, I imagined the bug as more of a cockroach? But, that is obviously left to interpretation as Kafka deliberately leaves it open.

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