Manifesto: Building on Research

To continue my research into the Manifesto I wanted to create I have been looking into footage of marches on the BFI website. This has been informing as it presents how humans react under pressures and how they protest. I’m interested in the visual language of protest, the body language, the faces contorted in shouts and chants and the raised fists. I feel like using this visual language will create a feeling of importance in my work. You can see the images I’ve chosen in my research book.

Climate Change deniers is an interesting subject because it includes many facades of social commentary. There’s the environmental side and how the longer we deny and avoid the subject of climate change the more our world is deteriorating. There’s the political side of world leaders communicating false commentary on climate change (yes I’m looking at you Trump).

May Day Protest

Knitwear Workers Protest


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