About Us

man standing in front of the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies building with a Raleigh Stride electric cargo bike
Dr. Ian Philips, PI
Senior Research Fellow at The Institute for Transport Studies University of Leeds and Principal investigator of the Elevate project.
My background is in geography and data analysis. I work with geographical data as well as social scientists to understand more about where we can decarbonise transport.
Curly-haired woman with glasses with a neutral background
Prof Jillian Anable, Co-PI
I am a Co-Principal Investigator for the project and a Professor of Transport and Energy at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. My research addresses reducing carbon, local emissions, and energy from transport, specifically concerning electrification and new mobility services.
White-haired man with a blue collared shirt on in front of a beach background
Prof Christian Brand, Co-PI
I am a Professor of Transport, Energy and Climate Change at the University of Oxford’s Transport Studies Unit and Environmental Change Institute. I am an interdisciplinary environmental scientist, physicist and geographer with over 25 years’ research experience in academic and consultancy environments.

Woman with brown hair in front of a city street background
Dr Mary Darking, Co-PI
I am the Director of the Centre for Digital Cultures and Innovation at the University Brighton and Principal Lecturer Social Policy and Innovation in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. My research looks at how data and digital processes can be used to address social issues, reach communities and create person-centred public institutions.
woman with a neutral background
Dr Sally Cairns, Co-PI
I am an independent researcher, associated with The University of Brighton on this project. My research focuses on transport policy and travel behaviour change, with a particular focus on understanding innovative options for reducing car dependence and achieving climate stabilisation.
Woman with short hair and purple dress shirt with a neutral white background
Assoc. Prof Dr Frauke Behrendt, Co-PI
I am an Associate Professor in Transitions to Sustainable Mobility at the Technology, Innovation and Society Group at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Before my move from the UK to the Netherlands, I was the original PI of the project. My research
engages at the intersection of mobility , sustainability, and digitalization.

Brunette Woman in Business clothes with a seminar room background
Prof Dr Eva Heinen, Co-PI
I am the head of the Department of Transport and Traffic Planning at the Technical University Dortmund. I am a transport research scientist with an interest in travel behaviour change; more specifically I study individual travel behaviour, i.e. how, why and where people travel.
Man with glasses in front of a mandala mural
Dr Noel Cass I am a Research Fellow in ‘Energy Demand Behaviour’ in the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. My research has always focused on different aspects of energy use (buildings, travel, everyday life) and systems (renewables, nuclear, grids) in the context of climate change.
Man in front of a street with a tree, black and white photo
Dr Labib Azzouz
I am a Research Associate in Transport and Energy Innovation at the Transport Studies Unit and Environmental Change Institute at Oxford. My research centres around reducing mobility-related energy consumption and emissions.

Man with glasses and hat in front of woodland
Dr Nick Marks
I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Brighton. My background is in mental health and community workshops. I study how people’s relationships with machines and devices can influence their lives in small but specific ways.
Woman with glasses smiling with a neutral grey background
Dr Alice de Sejournet
I am a Research Fellow for the Institute for Transport Studies at the Unviersity of Leeds working on quantitative data analysis of Elevate’s project data. My previous research focused on the transition towards a sustainable urban mobility.
Selfie of a woman with a curtain and plant behind her
Clara Glachant
I am a PhD candidate on Smart, Active and Sustainable Micromobility in the Technology, Innovation and Society group of the Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology. My research examines perceptions and identities associated with micromobility at the societal level.
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Pirjo Johnson
I am the primary project officer for the Elevate Project and help keep things running smoothly!

Woman in front of a seafront
Dr Theresa Nelson
I am a Transport and Energy Project Officer for the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds. My research background has primarily focused on energy and sustainability in the past. I help with ELEVATE’S social media platforms, webpage, and deliver online engagement