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19th December, Panopto Update

On Saturday the 19th of December, Panopto ran a software update on their service.  This update has added some wonderful new options in Panopto.


Panopto has added a tagging feature, to help make navigating large course-recordings easier.

two screencaptures one showing where you click to add a tag to a video, and the second showing what a tagged video looks like

Panopto’s How to for Tags

Stream Deletion

We have had some staff create videos with a powerpoint and their ‘floating head’ video, when they just wanted the powerpoint without having their face on the video as well. In the past, the only way to do this was to turn off your ‘primary’ camera prior to recording.

Now, if you decide after recording that you really didn’t want your floating-head on the video, you can delete it after the fact.

In the edit window of your video, click on Streams and then the three dots next to the stream that you wish to delete.

Screenshot of the delete option on streams in a panopto edit window

Panopto’s How to for Deleting Streams

Smart Chapters

As you know, if prior to recording a pre-recorded lecture with Panopto, you click the “Powerpoint” option, it will then chapter your video according to the slides in the Powerpoint.

If you routinely use other software to present, like Microsoft Sway or just PDFs in a slide-show, Panopto has added ‘Smart Chapters’ which will use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan your video recording, and chapter according to relavent ‘headline’ text in your presentation.

Screencapture showing the "Smart Chapters" generate button in Panopto

Panopto’s How to about Smart Chapters



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