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From the morning of 6th November, a new content editor will appear in My Studies. This post describes the changes and what to expect.


What is the Content Editor?

You usually see the content editor when adding content to a My Studies area. For example:

  • Adding an item or folder
  • Creating an announcement
  • Adding a post on a My Studies discussion board
  • Adding/editing a My Studies blog, journal or wiki page

A screenshot of the current content editor is shown below:

screenshot of the current content editor in My Studies

What does the new content editor look like?

The new content editor brings a more modern interface, and as such there are some new features, as well as some small changes to current workflows.

A screenshot of the new content editor is shown below:


screenshot of the new content editor

What is changing?

The most significant change is the introduction of the Add Content button, which replaces the add image, add file attachment and mash up buttons in the current editor. This makes things simpler as a single button is used to add any type of content.

screenshot of the add content button in new content editor


screenshot of add content screen

The screenshot above shows the Add Content button and the corresponding screen that appears. The most common options – Insert Local Files (images, attachments) and Panopto Video option are highlighted.


Adding a mashup (e.g. Panopto, mediastream or youtube video)

  • Currently – use the ‘mashup’ button
  • New editor – use the + (add content) button


Adding an image

  • Currently – use the add image button
  • New editor – use the + (add content) button and upload the image file – the image will then be embedded and can be resized as usual.


Adding a file attachment

  • Currently – use the file attachment button
  • New editor – use the + (add content) button and upload the file.


Other Changes/Improvements

  • Optimized experience for all devices and screen sizes
  • A Preview option allowing you to preview your content before publishing
  • Better accessibility for both the editor and the content you create. Menus and icons have higher contrast, pop-ups are gone, and an accessibility checker lets you know about accessibility issues as you write
  • The ability to paste content from Word, Excel, and websites with basic formatting and easily remove extra HTML
  • The ability to paste a link in the editor and automatically embed videos and previews
  • The ability to display formatted computer code snippets

Taken from Blackboards Release notes

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