Remote Teaching – in numbers

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The last four weeks have seen a rapid change in how we deliver teaching and learning at the University of Brighton. This post highlights some of the statistics from the first four weeks of ‘remote teaching’.


Microsoft Teams

Whilst some university staff and students were involved in piloting Microsoft Teams in 2019/20, the Covid-19 pandemic required us to roll the service out to all university staff much quicker than expected. This tool has provided staff with the ability to meet virtually, either with each other or with students as part of formal teaching.

The service has seen a huge increase in popularity, with up to 44 million users using Microsoft Teams worldwide. Below is a snapshot of how the University of Brighton has used Teams over the last 4 weeks.


teams statistics for first 4 weeks.


It’s worth noting that half of this period fell during the Easter vacation. The average values are for Mon-Fri only, as Teams activity drops ~95% during the weekend periods. You can see from the graph below that the two teaching weeks prior to the Easter vacation were far busier than the preceding week, and vacation weeks, as expected.





Studentcentral is still the main place for teaching and learning content, and usage has continued ‘as normal’, with very little change in usage patterns compared to last year.

studentcentral usage graph



eLearning & Training Teams


The eLearning & Training teams have worked together and delivered over 50 online workshops to hundreds of staff across the university.  Moving forward, basic workshops are now running ‘on-demand’ – pleaser contact Cathy Frankland to arrange. Further (more specific) workshops are planned, see our remote teaching workshop page for more detail.


Well done everyone and keep up the good work!




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