Themesong-Based-Learning launches April 1st 2018

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The eLearning team are proud to announce the launch of their new “Themesong based learning” approach on April 1st 2018.

Photo by Jason Roswell - child singing into microphone

Photo by Jason Roswell

The research, to be published in the Journal of Knowledge Engineering highlights the increase in student motivation and engagement where theme songs have been introduced to a course during induction and reinforced at the beginning and end of every lecture, seminar and workshop throughout the term.

All courses will be invited to work with lyricists during April to brainstorm ideas for their songs followed by recording sessions at Abbey Road over the summer.

3D Design


Business Computing



Applied Social Sciences (SASS)


  • “I fully support the introduction of course theme songs as long as I don’t have to sing it. I don’t, do I?” Professor Harry Tuneful
  • “I’ve been humming it around campus all year. I’ve been asked to move out.” Sally Cantsing, First year student

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Katie is the eLearning Services Manager at the University of Brighton.

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  1. jill singalot

    Feeling slightly piqued that there aren’t any proposed for support and professional departments. Just the sort of thing we need to boost morale and encourage team building.

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