South Coast eLearning Catch Up

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In July 2016 the University of Brighton eLearning team hosted the ‘South Coast eLearning Catch Up’, inviting learning technology folk from around the local area to share what they’d been working on the past 12 months. The event attracted around 25 people, with representatives from the University of Chichester, University of Sussex, JISC & local FE colleges. The morning was a chance for delegates to present something – a project, a case study (anything really!). The afternoon was spent demoing new bits of kit and playing with new technologies.

Thanks to all those who attended and presented their work. Below is a summary of tweets using Storify.This contains details of the presentations and some interesting pictures!

Useful links are at the bottom of the page



Useful Links!


Kahoot – Katie Piatt used this faboulous free tool for her warm up quiz (with new features!!)

Mahara – this popular open source ePortfolio tool is being implemented by the University of Sussex. At the Universit yof Brighton we have used this tool for a few years (studentfolio).

JISC Resources – Artie showed these, particularly in relevance to the SLTA project which utilised some of the information JISC had on change agents.


Swivl – this was our little lecture capture robot that swivels to follow the presenter

Osmo – interactive game system that works with your ipad.

Periscope – this is a live streaming app from Twitter – for professional educational videos


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