New Lecterns showcase at Moulsecoomb

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As part of the university’s Teaching Space Modernisation Programme (TSMP) new teaching lecterns were shown this week to give staff a chance to see what our refreshed classrooms may have in the way of teaching stations.

people looking at lecternsStaff having a look at the new lecterns, and giving feedback. (Image credit: Robert Otim, SLTA)

The showcase is running all week, with members of Information Services’ staff members available to discuss the lecterns and how they may help the staff to better utilise technology in their classrooms.

Lectern3TeamMate rep gives a tour of the products his company carries. (Image credit: Robert Otim, SLTA)

Two companies brought examples of the various options that are available.  TeamMate and Top-Tec, brought three lecterns each, all various sizes and colours.  Some were suitable for small seminar classrooms, and others for large lecture spaces.

Looking at lecternsChecking “under the bonnet” (Image credit: Robert Otim, SLTA)

All of the lecterns that were on display had height-control and spaces to securely put computers and technology within the lectern itself.

Below, find short videos of all the lecterns that were on display.  Please take this little feedback survey after viewing the videos. Thank you.

The Top-Tec Bravo

The Top-Tec Gemini

The Top-Tec Messenger

The TeamMate Fundamentals VariHite Lectern:

The TeamMate Hub

The TeamMate Educator

Here’s a quick link to the survey: Thank you.

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