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tucker-blogGreetings everyone, my name is Tucker MacNeill, and I’m the new Learning Technologies Adviser based at Hastings. I’ll be taking over for Craig Wakefield, who has moved to the Eastbourne Campus.

I’ve most recently moved into this position from the School of Education at Falmer,  I was  the Technical (ICT) Demonstrator working mainly as a distance-learning technician for the Troops to Teachers programme.

Prior to my seven months with the SOE, I had been working as a Media and Design Specialist at a tiny top-rated Liberal Arts Uni called Carleton College (Higher Ed, not FE, it’s the States, and we weirdly have our own naming conventions) in Minnesota. I was the coordinator of a large multimedia lab and experiential-learning facility called the IdeaLab. I worked with staff and students to best utilise digital and media technologies in their courses. Like many people in learning technologies, I’m a grand generalist when it comes to using technology, however I admit to strengths audio/visual and publishing technologies.  I’m really excited to be based in Hastings, as the courses offered here are right up my alley, and I really believe that I’ll be a great fit at this wonderful campus.

Outside of work, I’m a practising street-photographer and also a happy dog-walker to my great “floof” of a dog, Agamemnon (Memnon for short) who has travelled across the pond with my wife and myself… Which means he consistently believes that everyone walks on the wrong side of the pavement, creating all sorts of fun with lead-tangled legs of other pedestrians.

I look forward to digging in, and being helpful in all ways techie.

I am an artist, educator, and media-person specialising in helping to integrate technology into the pedagogy. I have been working in education since 1995. I work with teachers and course teams using digital technologies to advance both educational and institutional goals as a Learning Technologist.

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6 comments on “Hello from Tucker!
  1. Tim says:

    Welcome Tucker! Look forward to seeing you around at the occasional meeting, I guess.

  2. Robin says:

    Welcome aboard Tucker! You must be the chap I bumped into at the top of the stairs in Watts just now with the “other” Robin. I wish you a happy and fulfilling time at Hastings.

    • Tucker MacNeill says:

      Hello Robin, yes… Rob told me who you were after the fact. I probably should have been a bit more direct, and introduced myself instead of standing there like a wall-flower. Thank you for the welcome.

  3. Sarah Ison says:

    Welcome to IS! Nice to meet you face to face at the staff conference. do you have any pictures of your dog? Please share… 🙂

    • Tucker MacNeill says:

      It was very nice to meet IRL finally, Sarah. As to pictures of my dog… Um, I have a few. He’s rather camera shy. This is the only picture I’ve ever captured, where he’s looking at the camera. Tucker’s Tech-ed Blog Dog-post

  4. Sarah Ison says:

    What a beauty!!! aaah thanks for sharing Tucker!

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