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Module Evaluations have long been part of institutions reflection and internal review processes. Currently at the University of Brighton there is not a standardised approach to this process, nor is there a dedicated tool for enabling teaching staff to distribute such surveys.



The Enterprise Survey Tool

Since we upgraded studentcentral in June 2014, we gained access to the ‘Enterprise Survey’ tool, which allows surveys to be created and delivered at a system level. We are currently piloting this tool to deliver a module evaluation surveys in a few schools at the University. In the School of Sport & Service Management, 99 modules were surveyed in Semester 1.


Potential Benefits

Whilst still being evaluated, the Enterprise Survey tool offers some real benefits.

  • Simple Creation: Create one survey (very quick and straightforward) and then distribute to multiple module areas very easily.
  • Notifications: Students notified by a message displayed within their module on Blackboard, plus an email notification. This applies for each module the student is enrolled in. Reminder emails can also be generated
  • Ease of Access: The survey itself is mobile responsive and can be accessed through the module area or email.
  • Access: The tool is not available by default, we have allowed access to administrators within the schools in order to complete this pilot.
  • Results: once results have been processed, a colour PDF of the data can be downloaded by instructors from within their module area, allowing module leaders to extract their own data, which reduces administrative workload.


Student notification banner

student notification in module


Example Survey


Example Report

analysis results screem


Watch this space!

We will report back once the pilots have been evaluated. if you are interested in using the tool, please contact your Learning Technologies Adviser

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