Tii News: December 2014

5/12/2014: Recent conversations on the Turnitin User Forum have highlighted a problem being experienced in many institutions, where certain files are being rejected because, during the submission process they become corrupt. Files created in Word Online (Office 365) is the file type being rejected. However, when the file is opened and then saved using the desktop application, when submitted toTurnitin, the file is accepted without problem. Office 365 is free to students and can be downloaded via their email account. Whilst this problem hasn’t yet been reported at Brighton, students should be advised to save their files in the Word desktop application before submitting them to Turnitin.

Similarly, if students have been asked to submit their assignments as PDFs, in the desktop application, they should use Save As and then choose PDF from the list of file type options. PDFs produced by other methods might not be accepted by Turnitin.

I am part of the Learning Team and am based at the Eastbourne campus

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