Location based mobile learning activity? – pilot volunteers

Information Services have recently purchased a year’s license for an online tool that enables users to create a mobile game or event based around location and utilising users mobile phone GPS. The tool could be used for location based learning activities or field trips as well as other location based activities.

We are looking for tutors or schools who may be interested in taking part in a pilot using the tool to engage learners in location based activities.

To find out more about the tool visit: http://platformhelp.scramboo.com/

To try a demo use the QR below from your mobile phone.

During the pilot you will be given full support from the Learning Technologies team but in return would be required to provide feedback as part of the pilot evaluation.

To participate in the pilot you will be required to complete an application detailing your planned use.

The pilot phase has now concluded. If you would like more information please contact your LTA.

I am the Learning Technologies Adviser for Brighton Business School; Environment and Technology; PABS; Art, Design and Media. I am based in the Aldrich Library. My role is to to provide research, guidance and support with the use and implementation of technology in teaching and research. My background is in the creative arts, education and technology and I would see myself as a creative technologist. You can follow me on twitter using @mecurdy To find out more about the technologies and services we support visit the elearning blog: https://blogs.brighton.ac.uk/elearningteam/

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2 comments on “Location based mobile learning activity? – pilot volunteers
  1. Nina says:

    Hello Marion

    If you have any spare places after the schools have applied would you consider opening up this pilot to support staff? I currently don’t work with students but I’d like to see whether we could use this in our events.


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