Quick Tip: Insert email links in studentcentral content editor

If you want to make a live link to an email address using the content editor on studentcentral, for example, when posting an Announcement, it’s not immediately obvious how to to this but it is possible. And simple when you know how!

1. Enter the email address in to the Message box and highlight the text.

2. Click the Insert/Edit Link icon on the Message Content Menu.


3. In the pop-up box that appears, paste the email address into the Link Path box and add mailto: to the start. (E.g. mailto:a.person@brighton.ac.uk)

4. Click Insert.


5. The text is made into a live link to the email address (the text turns blue and is underlined).

6. Finally, click Submit to complete adding the content.


In the published content, clicking the email link will now open the users email client (e.g. Outlook) and a new email window.


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One comment on “Quick Tip: Insert email links in studentcentral content editor
  1. Joyce says:

    Excellent tip, thanks Adam!

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